About Erranged

About myself

I prefer to keep my identity as “Erranged.” This enables me to write with complete transparency.

I think it is imperative that I state my perspective and biases from the outset. I do not claim be objective. In fact, I believe objectivity is a sham used by many to weaken barriers of rejection in others so that ideas can slip past unwitting borders. Claiming objectivity is a tool for deception. So my biases will be as clearly stated as I can.

Core Beliefs

  • God
    God exists.
    God created the universe and the rules that govern it.
    God can hear my inaudible thoughts and communicates through a variety of means.
  • Epistemology
    My personal experience is a valid source for gathering knowledge of truth.
    Knowledge is next gained through internal reasoning and external questioning.
  • Pragmatism
    I believe in the practical. It is important that my ideas and pursuits result in a practical difference in my life.
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