God Simulation

I was at church. It’s one of those huge Protestant, non-denominational places with electric guitars, smoke machines, throbbing lights, and raised hands. 
At the climax of a powerful song, the lights on stage blasted white. They glared through the room and illuminated a thick floor of foggy smoke which billowed over the worship leaders’ feet and spilled over the stage.  It was like God’s presence decending from Heaven and coming into the room. It was like his presence came. It was a similie. Not enough.

I quickly resolved that experiencing a similie, or a simulation of God coming into the room, is an apalling substitute for the real thing. 

I know many of my experiences of God are based on those worship highs. But those internal experiences are birthed in an exterior simulation of God’s presence – not in his actual exterior appearance. 

I wonder what I would believe about God if I based my conviction on authentic experiences. The Bible says God’s throne is resplendent with light.  My only experiences with God’s light are of the simulated kinds on Sunday morning – but I have never seen God’s light.

I want to start sorting out my knowledge of God’s character by the different input methods I gained them. 

Authentic experience, Biblical facts, and simulated experiences. I need to loom at the original input. 

I want authentic experience of God and not simulations. 

(Originally penned 10/24/15)